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Cal Sileta is a small family business located in Vallbona de les Monges, dedicated to agriculture and sheep breeding.

Our project

Lamb meat
Lamb meat

Our project aims to offer natural and high-quality beef to our customers and this is achieved through the feeding and breeding of our sheep. Our philosophy

Organic olive oil

In Cal Sileta we offer extra virgin Arbequina olive oil and high quality organic. We follow the principles of organic farming, we make the fruit harvest at its optimum time and we obtain the oil through cold extraction procedures to ensure that the product maintains all its properties. Discover the green oil

Organic olive oil

Natural and quality meat

Our pasture philosophy

At Cal Sileta we have a herd of 450 sheep and we look after their welfare throughout their life cycle. Our lambs are breastfed by their mother until the last days.

Lamb meat of natural breeding

We go out to graze with the herd every day and our pasture system provides a very natural feed to our lambs, based on wild herbs and cereals from our lands. The food ends up being very varied and balanced by its seasonality. In summer they feed on cereals and stubble and for spring and autumn almonds and olives trees.

Results of our pasture system

With our breeding system very natural and with a grass for large extensions we get a high quality meat, tender and tasty.

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Our pasture philosophy

Our organic olive oil

Pure flavor and intensity

Organic green olive oil

The olive oil of Cal Sileta is an oil with character, with an intense and concentrated flavor typical of the arbequina of the dry land.

What is green oil?

The green oil is obtained from the first olives harvested in October, at which time the olive offers its best properties.

Some properties of green oil:

You get the maximum amount of polyphenols, which are the natural antioxidants of olive oil, responsible for its bitter and spicy touch. One of the most important polyphenols we get by making green oil is oleocanthal, which is a natural organic compound.

Oleocanthal contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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